Announcement: Bonding is now live!

Do NOT buy or sell Hedge as it is currently locked! If you still hold Hedge you can still bond at a 5% discount here:  https://app.tokentoolkit.io/#/bonds

A Rewards Token With REAL Utility

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Let Hedge Take Your Portfolio to the Next Level

Our enthusiasm and professionalism is passed on to our holders through the delivery of timely, cost-effective strategy that combines cutting edge blockchain technology with the most hyped and trending coins. 

Automated Rewards

The Most Rewarding Cryptocurrency Yet

Versatility in DeFi

Experience a HODL Community

Using automated blockchain technology, we are able to harness the power of Defi.

Build your portfolio from the bottom up with HEDGE. 

Experience a new kind of token - we are always adapting and growing.

Join a community that stands by the word HODL.

Always Buy The Hype

We do the research so you don't have to.

The unique Hedge platform delivers peace of mind to your wallet. Our Blockchain analysts are constantly monitoring the market to determine which rewards token has the most upside potential. Once determined, we update the rewards system to distribute this token directly into your wallet.

Always automated, always secure, and always looking forward. Market exposure could not be easier. Protect your portfolio with HEDGE.

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Liquidity Supply

Private Sale


Team Tokens





Staking Rewards

Holders of $HEDGE receive direct payouts of native Binance Smart Chain coins and Binance-Pegged "blue chip" coins like $BTC, $ETH, $ADA and others while preserving a fixed supply.

12% Transaction Tax

8% Dynamic BSC Rewards

8% of every transaction will be redistributed in a dynamic rewards token, depending on what our Hedge analysts determine has the most upside potential. Just hold at least 20,000 HEDGE, sit back and watch your portfolio grow.

4% Liquidity Pool

4% of every Hedge Token Transaction is added to the locked liquidity pool in order to maintain price stability as the project grows.

Anti-Whale Feature

Max sale is locked at .5% of the total supply, preventing large dumps


Dynamic Rewards

How do they work?

We are constantly analyzing the market to determine which tokens with the greatest stability or upside potential to reward in. Our rewards generally fall under 2 categories:

  1. “Blue Chip” coins that have a lot of long term potential, are generally safer tokens, and will provide stability to your portfolio

  2. “Partnership” coins that are newer projects we have vetted and determined have huge upside potential. These coins have generally much lower market caps which means much more room to grow. We allow HEDGE holders to get in early as we blow it up with our buys!

How are they distributed?

You must hold at least 20,000 HEDGE to receive rewards.

When our contract reaches a balance of 75,000 HEDGE tokens it automatically swaps for rewards and liquidity. Those rewards tokens are stored in the dividend tracker contract.

Every buy or sell we process the dividend tracker. This means every buy and sell we send out as many pending reward balances as the provided gas allows. You can watch rewards being distributed in real-time here. Rewards are distributed in a cyclical manner, and any given holder can expect to receive their rewards around every 1-3 hours, depending on transaction volume

Don't see your rewards in your wallet? Make sure you add the current rewards token as a custom token to whichever wallet you are using. The rewards token address can be found by using /rewards in our telegram channel.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Portfolio?

Crypto made simple. Hold $HEDGE to receive automatic rewards in the highest upside tokens at any given moment.